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Directories fill with Electrical Components & Equipments from Taiwan/China manufacturers & suppliers. It makes you seek for the specific Electrical Components & Equipments and quality Taiwan/China suppliers quickly and easily.

Active Components

Electrical Component & Equipment Related Services

Electrical Component, Equipment Related Procudts & Surplus Stock

Electrical Equipments

Electronic Materials & Electronic Product Measuring & Testing Equipmen

Functional Components

Mechanical & Electromechanical Components


Double-sided PCBs Single-sided PCBs Multilayer PCBs Rigid PCBs (RPCs) Flexible PCBs (FPCs) PCBs & PCBAs/n.e.s.


Coaxial Connectors PCB Connectors RCA Connectors FPC & FFC Connectors BNC Connectors SMA & SMB & SMC Connectors SCART Connectors RF Connectors VGA Connectors TNC Connectors F Connectors PAL Connectors UHF Connectors Fiber Connectors Waterproof Connectors Power Connectors Wire & Cable Connectors Heavy Duty Connectors Wire to Wire Connectors (WTW) Wire to Board Connectors (WTB) Board to Board Connectors (BTB) Pin Header & Female Header IC Sockets


Terminals & Terminal Blocks

Cable Lugs Crimp Terminals Screw Terminals Insulated Terminals Terminal Connectors Terminal Blocks Terminals & Terminal Blocks/n.e.s.


Rotary Switches Slide Switches Toggle Switches Proximity Switches Remote-control Switches Thermostat Push Button Switches Rocker Switches Micro Switches DIP Switches Water Level Switches Limit Switches Reed Switches Pressure Switches Flow Switches Wall Switches Touch Switches Timer Switches Combination & Changeover Switches Disconnector & Isolation Switches Float Switches Foot Switches & Pedal Switches Load Switches Membrane Switches Optoelectronic Switches Sensor Switches Smart Switches Tact Switches Light Switches Switch Panels Switches/n.e.s.

Circuit & Heat Protection Components

Fuses Fuse Holders Breakers Heatsinks Surge Protectors & Arrestors (PSD) Contactors Cooling Fans CPU Coolers Laptop Cooling Pads Thermostat Circuit & Heat Protection Components/n.e.s.

Magnetic Materials

Permanent Magnets Ferrite Magnets Plastic Magnets Rubber Magnets NdFeB Magnets Alnico Magnets Rare Earth Magnets Neodymium Magnets Magnetic Materials/n.e.s.


Solid State Relays Time Relays Thermal Relays Electromagnetic & Electromechanical Relays Overload Relays Relays/n.e.s.

Keypads & Keyboards

Metal Keyboards & Keypads Rubber Keyboards & Keypads Plastic Keyboards & Keypads Membrane Keyboards & Keypads Mobile Phone Keypads

Keypads & Keyboards/n.e.s.


Universal Motors AC Motors Brushless Motors Coreless Motors DC Motors Geared Motors Micro Motors Servo Motors Stepping Motors Synchronous Motors Vibration Motors Three Phase Motors Drive, Deck & Printer Mechanisms Auto Starters & Starter Motors Fan Motor Motorcycle Starter Motors Motors/n.e.s.

Motor Parts

Mechanical & Electromechanical Components/n.e.s.

Computer Keyboards

Wireless Keyboards Bluetooth Keyboards Wired Keyboards Computer Keyboards/n.e.s.

Computer Connectors

USB Connectors DIN Connectors IEEE 1394 Connectors SCSI Connectors HDMI Connectors Memory Card Connectors PC Card Connectors Display Port Connectors Computer Connectors/n.e.s.

Other Electrical Components & Equipment

Passive Components

Wiring, Cable & Accessories

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