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Company Overview

As a professional E-Commerce platform,www.duspwi.icu is operated by TTNET.NET Co., Ltd. With their long-term business plan, ttnet.net has become one of the top historical and large scale B2B websites in Greater China, accumulated from several decades’ experience and worldwide reputation. Being second to none for B2B websites in Taiwan and as a communication bridge between global buyers and suppliers, ttnet.net provides the latest business news and media information to suppliers in China Mainland, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan. To become a better facilitator of global trade for Chinese companies ttnet.net helps many suppliers open the door to the global market.


Year of Foundation: 1975
Founder: Mr. Bill S. B. Shieh and Ms. Patty P. T. Hong
In 1975, Trade Yellow Page Group founded and became the first Taiwan publisher of the Taiwan Telephone Book.
1980 - 1989, Trade Yellow Page Group started in international trade and publishing; with the Taiwan Telephone Book(Quarterly, Chinese Version), Trade Yellow Pages(Annual, English Version), Trade Pages (English Version) and the Monograph covering various products.
1990 - 2000, to develop diversification, Trade Yellow Page Group began holding exhibitions and establishing website. In 1995, Trade Yellow Page Group started TTnet.net website.
2001 - 2009, Trade Yellow Page Group marched to China Mainland and provided service to buyers and suppliers on China Mainland, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan.
In 2010, Trade Yellow Page Group cooperated with Focus Technology Co., Ltd. which is the leading B2B website on China Mainland. Focus Technology Co., Ltd. invested in TTNET.NET Co., Ltd. and took charge of www.duspwi.icu, Trade Yellow Pages and Wenbi Buying Guide. TTNET.NET Co., Ltd. will use the additional resources to serve customers with their leading B2B website, extensive global trade fairs, high quality Private Sourcing Events and other sourcing conferences.

Enterprise mission

Increase the growth of trade; promote the prosperity of economy

Idea of operation

Active, dedicated, gregarious

Guidelines of operation

Pull together, Operate reliably. Gain reputation, Share prosperity

About us

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